A Rocking Horse To Love | 110% Lowest Price Guarantee

110% Lowest Price Guarantee

110% Lowest Price Guarantee

You have better things to do than worry about comparing prices all over the Internet.

Our low prices mean you can shop with confidence.

We're constantly monitoring our prices to ensure they are the lowest possible.

However, if before you purchase or within 10 days of making your purchase, you do happen to find a lower price on the Internet on an identical product that is in stock and available, we'll not only match that price, we'll beat it by 10% of the difference.

For example:

Our Price (including shipping and handling): $100.00
Competitor Price (including shipping and handling): 95.00
Difference: 5.00
Your Bonus (10% of difference): 0.50

Your Adjusted Price: $94.50

Total discount from our original price:

Most of our manufacturers have Minimum Acceptable Advertised Price Policies (MAAP). These policies ensure that advertisers maintain fair pricing. We will never violate a minumum price policy.

To qualify for our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee, the competitor must not be selling the product below the minumum allowed advertised price. If their price is already at the minimum allowed, we will match that price, but not go below the required minimum.

Our price match guarantee requires the product be identical in color, packaging, manufacturer, etc. The competitor's price must be current and verifiable on the Internet, and the product must be in stock. Competitors coupons or promotions for first time or one time use are not accepted for our price match program.

We are unable to honor price matches for mass market and chain stores, companies that are "Going out of business", having "Liquidation Sales", selling below cost or are otherwise in distress.

"A Rocking Horse To Love" reserves the right to deny any price match on an item that does not meet the criteria of our lowest price guarantee policy.