Benefits of Divorce Mediation on Long Island

Divorce Mediation

Although some couples reject the idea of undergoing divorce mediation, it can be a powerful tool. Even if the parties do not agree on the terms of the divorce, mediation is an effective means of settling the matter. Many cases that seemed hopeless in the beginning result in a settlement. While the style of mediation can vary from one mediator to the next, the basic process remains consistent. Here are a few benefits of divorce mediation.

o Cost – The fees associated with divorce mediation depend on the time needed to come to an agreement. Generally, the more complicated the agreement is, the more expensive the divorce mediation will be. However, the mediator must provide an estimate of the fees before the first session. If the parties do not agree with the fee estimate, they may ask the mediator to return for another meeting. If the parties do not agree to the terms of the agreement, the mediator may request additional fees.

o Save Time – The process of divorce mediation will be quicker and cheaper than a trial, which will be emotionally draining for both parties. Divorce mediation is also more likely to result in a peaceful outcome for the children. It will have a positive effect on the health of your children. Divorce mediation can be a productive tool for avoiding expensive mistakes. In addition, it will keep your children out of the conflict.

o Preparation – Before attending mediation, the parties should determine what issues they want to resolve. The mediator will also discuss any rules or guidelines that govern property division and child support. Once the parties have agreed to the terms, they will then decide whether to proceed with the mediation or file for divorce. If both parties cannot control their emotions, the process may be difficult to achieve. So, before scheduling a mediation appointment, make sure you contact your divorce attorney to make sure the process goes smoothly.

– First Meeting – The first meeting will set the basic foundation for the remainder of the process. You and your mediator will talk about the divorce issues and decide on the order for them to discuss. Make sure to bring along all of your financial documents to the first meeting so that the mediator and you can get started. If the finances of the parties are complicated, you may need to pay additional fees. When choosing a divorce mediator, you’ll need to meet with several potential candidates before deciding which is right for you.

During the meeting, the mediator will explain the mediation process and answer your questions. The mediation session will allow the parties to reach a fair resolution without having to go to court. Depending on your specific case, the mediator may even be able to settle the divorce without involving the court. In New York, the mediator will help you reach a resolution that is beneficial for everyone. The mediator will not only make a fair settlement, but will also help you save valuable time.

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– Time Frame – The duration of the divorce mediation process varies. You may need to attend weekly or monthly sessions. You should also allow enough time between the sessions to reflect and consult with your divorce lawyers. Divorce mediation can cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you choose this method, it can help you settle your divorce in a few months instead of a year or two. When it comes to dividing assets, it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting a divorce mediation process.