Divorce Mediation – What to Expect From an Amicable Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation

If you are considering Divorce Mediation, there are many things you should know before the session. First, you should have a detailed list of your assets and liabilities. This should include all of your bank accounts, credit card balances, and any valuable property you may own. Your mediator will be able to determine the best way to divide these assets. Once you have a clear picture of your financial situation, he or she can start setting an agenda to help you resolve your differences.

After the mediation session, the mediator will write a statement detailing the issues the couple agreed to address. The statement is then presented to the couple’s attorneys, who will draft a formal separation agreement based on the document. Since many mediators are not lawyers, this process may not address all the issues that should be addressed in a separation agreement. However, if you are a lawyer, it is likely that your mediator will have knowledge of this information.

Another benefit of Divorce Mediation is its low cost. The mediator serves as a neutral third-party who does not take sides or give legal advice. Instead, the mediator works to bring both parties to an agreement on all issues. The mediator may suggest ideas or provide opinions, but cannot force anyone to reach an agreement. If successful, a divorce mediation will save you money and time. Additionally, you will lessen the caseload of the Family Court System.

Aside from the lower cost, Divorce Mediation can also protect children. Divorce can be difficult for parents and children, but divorce mediation allows parents to settle their differences in a way that is fair to all parties. With divorce mediation, both parties will be able to focus on what is best for their children, while keeping the peace. The children will benefit from this as well. A divorce mediation will help you and your spouse get on with your life.

The duration of a divorce mediation session varies. This time will depend on the number of issues you want to settle and your ability to reach a fair agreement. On average, it takes three to four two-hour sessions to resolve the issues. More complex cases may take up to six months. If you are considering Divorce Mediation, make sure you do your research. You do not want to make the wrong decision and end up wasting your money.

Aside from a better chance of reaching a favorable settlement, mediation also puts your future in your hands. If you are not happy with the outcome of your divorce, you can litigate the remaining issues and come back to mediation later on. Divorce mediation also has a lower cost. It can be a good alternative to a high-conflict divorce. You may be surprised to find that it can save you money.

Divorce mediation is not right for every couple. If you’re wondering if mediation is the right choice, contact a divorce attorney today to get started. Divorce mediation is less expensive and stressful than litigation and it gives both parties the opportunity to settle their differences without court. Moreover, it can save you time and money. Divorce mediation can even help you prevent a court appearance, which can be traumatic.

A mediator can also help you draft a legal settlement agreement. A mediator is not a lawyer, but they can help you understand the laws that apply to your situation. A mediator will help you understand the laws, how to divide your assets, and how to handle your finances. A signed separation or divorce agreement is the end result of mediation. Having a mediator is the best way to avoid the high cost of divorce litigation. But make sure to hire an attorney before you try it.

If you and your spouse have children, it’s a great idea to consider divorce mediation. This alternative approach to the traditional courtroom divorce process helps both parties communicate their interests, explore options, and reach solid agreements. You can find a mediator near you with the NYSCDM’s Find a Mediator feature. These mediators adhere to strict professional standards, including Model Standards of Practice. Divorce mediation can be stressful, but it’s not nearly as expensive. So, consider it if you and your partner are facing the same issues.