What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a collaborative process in which both parties are involved. A trained mediator helps both parties come to an agreement. The process is not limited to discussing divorce law; it also includes a number of housekeeping issues that must be addressed. As the parties prepare for a settlement, the mediator will ask questions to clarify each party’s position. Together, they will determine the best course of action. During the first session, both parties will need to take a break from their daily routines to make sure that they are both in the same place and on the same page. read more

Divorce Mediation – How to Find an Affordable Divorce Mediator on Long Island

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a legal process where the parties in a divorce negotiate their separation agreements themselves. Although this process is not mandatory, many attorneys discourage the use of attorneys, believing that the presence of a lawyer in mediation creates tension. However, you can consult a lawyer before the mediation and afterward, if you wish. If you have a lawyer, it is advisable to hire them, otherwise you will be at a significant disadvantage during the negotiations.

The costs of divorce mediation depend on the complexity of the issues involved. The cost of divorce mediation in New York will depend on the number of factors that make a divorce complicated. For example, cases involving long marriages and lengthy separation periods will be more expensive than cases with less complexity. There may also be multiple parties involved, or stock options, grants, or businesses that need valuation. The mediator will use the information from these documents to develop a separation agreement. read more